mozilla firefox ‘Mark Up’

Posted: August 11, 2011, filed under: Findings

So, the other day Firefox reinstalled itself for reasons unknown. But that's okay! Because I found out about this cool thing called 'Mark Up' and 'Mozilla's Web O'(pen) Wonder' (a gallery of awesome HTML5 and WebGL creations). There's a link to all of this on the default Mozilla search home page (in Firefox, go to about:home in the URL bar). For the sake of including pictures in this post, here's what it looks like:

Mark Up is "a collection of all our individual marks on the web" and a collaborative project by Mozilla and graffiti/free culture artist Evan Roth (cool dude, check him out). When you make your mark, you are using Graffiti Markup Language (yes this is real! .gml):

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