1. Monster reminiscent of a Star Wars character

    Do you know the one I’m talking about? Boba fet, maybe?

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    Thumbnail for "Monster reminiscent of a Star Wars character"
  2. Monster with flower boogers

    Look at this nice monster with flowers coming out of its nose. A+ boogers.

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    A blue monster with a long neck and trunk-like nose that has a bouquet of flowers coming out of its nose
  3. “Say hello to the weekend” monster

    Well, hello there, weekend!

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    Orange monster with one eye and big ears peaking into the image frame
  4. “Didn’t order a burger in Dayton” monster

    I drew this monster while having dinner at a nice bar in Dayton, OH called “Lucky’s”. The burgers didn’t look like this...err on second thought, I didn’t order one so I don’t know!

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    A purple worm-like monster with eyes and nose at either end inside burger buns with some lettuce
  5. Young, potentially overexcited monster

    This monster is ready to welcome in 2019 with wide eyes and a hopeful smile. Is that how you feel about to new year, too?

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    Green monster with wide eyes peaking into the image frame
  6. Somewhat sleepy monster

    This monster looks like it just woke up from a nap. That curly nose is reminiscent of an elephant seal’s, for sure.

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    Blue monster with curly nose and heavy lidded eyes
  7. Most popular monster so far

    This monster made an appearance as a sticker, and it has been the most popular so far. Just look at that sweet face!

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    Blue smirking monster with large eyes
  8. Squidward-esque monster

    I drew this monster for a slide about how "Naming things is hard" in CSS. It looks a bit like Squidward from Spongebob.

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    A light blue monster with four legs, a tail, crazy eyes and a long nose
  9. Monster inspired by koi fish

    Have you ever watch koi fish eat and noticed how hilarious their noses/mouths are? This monster (and possibly many monsters before it, but subconsciously) were inspired by the gaping mouths of koi.

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    An orange monster with a large nose, tail, and duck-like feet in a meadow in front of a pond with an orange monster peeking above the water
  10. Likeable, 3-eyed monster

    This monster appears on the slide where I have FizzBuzz written in CSS. What a friendly face!

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    An orange monster with 3 eyes, peaking from behind the side of the image border
  11. A helpful monster

    Look at this gentle giant, giving some friends a ride somewhere. How nice.

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    A blue monster with humps and smaller monsters riding on its back
  12. Future water monster

    This is a water monster, and for one reason or another, it represents the future.

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    A blue monster coming out of darker blue water with text saying
  13. Possibly elderly monster

    I think my late grandfather is channeled in this monster – he was a jokester, to be sure.

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    A green monster that has no teeth and a hose-like nose!