The surprising trick to boosting your productivity that no one talks about

Just want to share a small anecdote for my future self or anyone who might find it a helpful reminder.

So, the other day after work, I was super exhausted and felt super behind on everything. I was like, sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling thinking, I have to wake up at like 6 tomorrow and catch up. But then I was like, wait, instead of waking up early to catch up on work, what if instead, I catch up on sleep?

It’s taken years, but I have come to terms with the fact that I tend to create work for myself that seems really urgent and important when it’s not, and this is exacerbated by stress, which is exacerbated by less than 8-8.5 hrs of sleep per night.

Guess what happened? I slept in the next morning until 8, and like magic, I had a great day and felt super on top of everything. Huh.

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