Content on this page similar to the Now page – it may be rough or “uncut”, and hopefully recent.

I’m gradually developing a mission [1], or sense of purpose in my work. Writing about it in this public place helps me to figure it out and to keep track of how it changes.

April 2, 2021:

I believe there’s a lot of valuable information about computer science that is inaccessible to a great many people, especially to those who arrive at programming from non-traditional paths.

My mission is to create things that inspire programmers to more deeply understand [2], appreciate, and contribute to topics in computer science. Phrased another way, I create the learning materials I wish I’d found when I learned about topics I felt afraid of, or topics that I avoided because I deemed they were “not for me”.

[1] Credit to my coworker, Rosalie Cabison, whose work helped me to figure this out.

[2] At the end of How to Bake Pi, Eugenia Cheng writes about the “Trinity of Truth” as knowing, believing, and understanding. We have access to so many materials in today’s world that enable us to know about topics in programming, but I believe that there are very few materials that enable us to understand programming. I believe that learning – and life, generally – becomes easier and more enjoyable with understanding. I also believe one of the most important skills in programming – and again, life, generally – is the ability to learn and adapt according to new knowledge. [3]

[3] I am reading Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower at the moment, so this thinking is highly influenced by the philosophy of Earthseed.