Email newsletters I enjoy

I'm really loving the medium of trustworthy email newsletters lately – here is a compendium of my favorite weekly-ish ones, both within the web dev sphere but also outside it.

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How’s it going, Lara?

Things are going *really well* for me right now, and that calls for a blog post! This one is much more personal than my posts usually are, but it's healthy to open up a bit now and again, right?

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Too Much Pressure

I set my standards too high for blog posts. I know that they are too high because I don't publish them. It's too much pressure! (It's got to stop, it's got to stop) And a cool thing: I was magically able to write blog posts again after publishing this one!

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Dead Fish β‰  Code Export

This post is a response to a tweet critiquing the "code export" capability of design tools, and a talk called "Stop Drawing Dead Fish" that calls for better tools to allow artists to create visual art without code. Should designers code? Should artists code? It's a nuanced, interesting topic and I had some thoughts.

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#Make100 Monsters on Kickstarter!

A non-computer hobby of mine is to illustrate friendly monsters. In an effort to get them out of my sketchbooks and onto walls, I've launched a Kickstarter #Make100 project!

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Things to Remember:
January 1-9

I always think I will remember more than I do. This is the first in an attempt to create a habit of writing "Things to Remember" round-up posts when I feel inspired to do so.

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