Designgineering Chronicles: Months 4 – 5.5

Another installment of Designgineering Chronicles jam packed with information! IndieWire launched with the pattern library, and we are in full pursuit of the holy grail: sharing markup between the library and production theme.

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Pittsburgh is a wonderful place

Pittsburgh is and always will be my home city. I'm back for an long trip over the holidays and in between some east coast conferences, and it's been a wonderful trip. The grey skies and wintry weather are a welcome break from the monotony of LA sunshine (it's nice but...not for me). Here's what I've been up to.

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Breakfast burrito at the airport

I'm eating a breakfast burrito at LAX before my flight back to Pittsburgh. Breakfast burritos at the airport before early flights are a ritual for me, and I felt like writing about it.

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Ross From Friends

I like house music a lot. I'm quite a fan of the lo-fi trend, and Ross From Friends is in that category. A class act. Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats.

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Anti-Notification Workflow

As part of my mission to conquer Twitter anxiety, I've figured out a solid workflow for quieting notifications on my phone. These things may be obvious, but they are not the default, so decidedly not obvious.

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Most popular monster so far

This monster made an appearance as a sticker, and it has been the most popular so far. Just look at that sweet face!

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[Book Rec] Creative Quest by Questlove

Creative Quest could not have come at a better time for me. It's essentially a holistic guidebook to being creative, and the concepts have literally applied to every aspect of my life. If you're a creative person and looking to put some more energy into developing that side of yourself, I can't recommend it enough!

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Disappointing Pho

A short post about eating disappointing pho while hungover. I wouldn't call this a "must read" but it is certainly relatable.

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Squidward-esque monster

I drew this monster for a slide about how "Naming things is hard" in CSS. It looks a bit like Squidward from Spongebob.

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Monster inspired by koi fish

Have you ever watch koi fish eat and noticed how hilarious their noses/mouths are? This monster (and possibly many monsters before it, but subconsciously) were inspired by the gaping mouths of koi.

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Likeable, 3-eyed monster

This monster appears on the slide where I have FizzBuzz written in CSS. What a friendly face!

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A helpful monster

Look at this gentle giant, giving some friends a ride somewhere. How nice.

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Future water monster

This is a water monster, and for one reason or another, it represents the future.

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Possibly elderly monster

I think my late grandfather is channeled in this monster – he was a jokester, to be sure.

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