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  • An image of the side to side iceberg showing Rust/C++ at one end, CSS at the other end, and jagged lines going down the iceberg, with a question mark at the third corner. There is another jagged line going through the center of all layers labeled "trees".

    Icebergs and teaching/learning programming

    Inspired by some critical knowledge about icebergs, I came across a “baby idea” for how we could teach and learn programming and programming languages.

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  • Idea: Desugared Design Systems

    I learned about the concept of desugaring from a lecture on programming languages, and I wonder how that would apply to design systems.

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  • tweet + iterate = tweeterate [WiH]

    An idea for a word / concept that might make tweeting a more pleasant experience for me. Written in haste.

  • Image of a card that says "Happy Birthday" in binary 1s and 0s

    Binary Birthday

    First of all, it’s not my birthday. That said, I had a cool idea for a birthday tradition that I want to record lest I forget it!

  • Pricing and Economic Relativity

    I’m usually not one for non-fiction, but the times have changed. I’m currently reading Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by a cool dude named Dan Ariely. In short, we humans are constantly influenced by “hidden forces” that cause us to make decisions that don’t always make logical sense. Can’t say I’m…

  • 2013 Web Design Shout Outs

    The past few weeks I have been entirely overwhelmed with inspiration and need to drop some serious shout outs: People and Places First and foremost, the the entire web design/dev/tech community. What an open, motivating, and supportive group of people! In particular: Brad Frost – whose work makes me so excited to build things. Matt…

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  • Embodied Learning: Research & Thoughts

    Chemistry in the SMALLab. Credit: Ken Howie Photography> In this post I’ll go over two applications of embodied learning. First is SMALLab, a learning environment using motion-capture technology and large scale projections to track movements in space, and second is Science Choreography, a project through Wesleyan University and the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange that combines…

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  • Card Sorting to Brain-cleansing Games

    About Card Sorting Card sorting is an exercise in user experience design where a group of users sort cards with various words on them into categories. It is often used to determine a website map or to test the language of product, so the cards’ words would be things like “Pricing”, “Testimonials”, or “Tour”. About…

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  • The Online Class Club [Idea]

    Every semester since I’ve graduated (which I guess is only 3), I’ve said I was going to unofficially take a course at CMU or Pitt. Which basically means sitting in on a class and hoping no one would care that I’m not actually a student. I never did this, but I still want to. Along…