February 28, 2018 in Design, Findings, Thoughts

Dead Fish ≠ Code Export

This post is a response to a tweet critiquing the "code export" capability of design tools, and a talk called "Stop Drawing Dead Fish" that calls for better tools to allow artists to create visual art without code. Should designers code? Should artists code? It's a nuanced, interesting topic and I had some thoughts.

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December 10, 2012 in Findings

Listen to: improv4humans

Excellent podcast with founding member of Upright Citizens Brigade Matt Besser. Each episode features fantastic improvisers who break off into scenes as they discuss miscellaneous topics. Dirty humor is not uncommon, fyi.

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December 8, 2012 in Findings, Research

New Experiments in Self-teaching [TED Talk]

Indian education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education – the best teachers and schools don’t exist where they’re needed most. In a series of real-life experiments from New Delhi to South Africa to Italy, he gave kids self-supervised access to the web and saw results that could revolutionize how we think about teaching.

via YouTube

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September 1, 2011 in Findings

pgh art/tech/hacker community

I’ve officially relocated from Boston to Pittsburgh and have researched the active artist/tech/hacker community here. OMG!PGH and Pittsburgh Art + Technology are excellent resources for local art & tech happenings, and below are a few great IRL things I hope to be involved in/investigate further: […]

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August 11, 2011 in Findings

mozilla firefox ‘Mark Up’

So, the other day Firefox reinstalled itself for reasons unknown. But that's okay! Because I found out about this cool thing called 'Mark Up' and 'Mozilla's Web O'(pen) Wonder' (a gallery of awesome HTML5 and WebGL creations). There's a link to all of this on the default Mozilla search home page (in Firefox, go to about:home in the URL bar). For the sake of including pictures in this post, here's what it looks like:   Mark Up is "a collection of all our individual marks on the web" and a collaborative project by Mozilla and graffiti/free culture artist Evan Roth (cool dude, check him out). When you make your mark, you are using Graffiti Markup Language (yes this is real! .gml):

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