pgh art/tech/hacker community

I’ve officially relocated from Boston to Pittsburgh and have researched the active artist/tech/hacker community here. OMG!PGH and Pittsburgh Art + Technology are excellent resources for local art & tech happenings, and below are a few great IRL things I hope to be involved in/investigate further:

  1. assemble
    “…a community space for art & technology” in the Penn Ave Arts District. They hold monthly artist meetups and cool/random events at the venue. Very active/informative Twitter feed @assemblepgh
  2. Hack Pittsburgh
    The Pittsburgh Hacker space, in Oakland. Monthly member meetings, workshops here and there, and various monthly user group meetings. Membership dues are $30 + a few hrs volunteering per month.
  3. dorkbotpgh
    “dorkbot is an international movement centered around people who like to do strange things with electricity … Most dorkbots have a couple of primary speakers with 20-40 minute presentations and an ‘open dorkbot’ session where anyone can show off for 3-5 minutes.” dorkbotpgh meets regularly at the Brillobox.
  4. STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
    “The STUDIO supports atypical, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional research and outreach projects at the intersections of arts, technology and culture.” – via the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. Really interesting projects and artist profiles on the site. Check out the events section for relevant lectures and other events at CMU, like Art && Code:3D – a Kinect Hacking conference at the end of October.
  5. Pittsburgh Art + Technology Initiative
    A project by the Pittsburgh Technology Council – “an effort to unite and cultivate the creative and technology communities in the Pittsburgh region.” The site’s not too up to date event-wise, but the 15 Minutes Gallery looks interesting and I’ll look forward to the DATA Awards next April.
  6. Birdbrain Labs Tech-to-Go
    BirdBrain Labs is “a Pittsburgh, PA-based pop-up retailer”. Supplying equipment for all your hacking needs, BirdBrain Labs currently has ‘pop-up’ hours at Hack Pittsburgh: Fridays 7pm-9pm, and Assemble: Saturdays 10am-2pm.

Anything I’m missing?