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New Workshop! Portfolio Site in a Day-ish

Calling all website-less visual artists! You’ve been putting your website off for a while now, right? Come to this two session workshop and leave with a fully functioning portfolio site. We will create websites using WordPress and the theme WPFolio. The workshop will be limited to 4 people to ensure everyone gets the most out […]

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How I do Inbox 0 in Gmail

I kind of roll my eyes at productivity posts, and yes, this is another productivity post. But, I’m really good at Inbox 0 and have been complimented a few times on my Gmail set up, so…ti


There is no fold.

…the amount of time in view steadily rises as we move downpage to a peak between about 1200 pixels down. This portion of the page is viewed for nearly three times as long as the top of the page. Amen to that – awesome reference point for clients stuck in the ’00s. Via this tweet.