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New Workshop! Portfolio Site in a Day-ish

Calling all website-less visual artists!

You’ve been putting your website off for a while now, right? Come to this two session workshop and leave with a fully functioning portfolio site. We will create websites using WordPress and the theme WPFolio.


The workshop will be limited to 4 people to ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience. Dates and agenda are:

Day 1: Thursday, July 17, 2-4pm

This will be a crash course in WordPress. Learn about WordPress’s structure and various features, why we are using it, and best practices along the way. These couple hours will be mostly a lecture format, so be sure to take notes. Though I will have some available online.

Day 2: Friday, July 18, 2-6pm

For the first couple of hours, we will learn to add and manage content on our websites, as well as explore the WPFolio theme and talk about some basic content strategy. Then we will have 2 hours of lab time so you can get started. Then let’s go for happy hour!

Location: New Work City, 412 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10013


Feel free to be in touch with any questions, and send this around to anyone who might be interested.

And for you special people who made it the whole way down here: offer code “salmon” will get you 25% off. Do it!