Epic Small this week = Socrates + Game Mechanics

  Epic what? Started by the brilliant Sam Wilson (a member of Catapult as well!), Epic Small helps you accomplish small creative tasks one at a time at week long intervals. Here’s an article by Kate Stoltzfus at Yinzpiration with some more info. I was on a roll with Epic Smalls a couple months ago […]


#1reasonwhy: what women deal with in the game industry

via Raph Koster’s Twitter Also check out this segment on NPR: Online Harassment Gets Real For Girl Gamers

Games Research

A Template for Analyzing Game Design

A note about analyzing vs. reviewing a game: an analysis mainly consists of what is actually present in the game, not what you think should be. Pick it apart and see what choices the designer made and think about why. I figured it’d be helpful to have a template for guidance when critiquing a game. […]

Inspiration Miscellaneous

What if Wes Anderson directed Star Wars?

It would be amazing. via

Games Projects

Issues & Assets, a card game concept

Issues & Assets is a card game about WWI I’ve been working on. Pretty random, right? It’s an assignment at the end of Game Design Concepts Level 3 (yes, I am working through this quite slowly) which was: Design a non-digital game with theme a relating to World War I. The primary objective of players […]