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Issues & Assets, a card game concept

Issues & Assets is a card game about WWI I’ve been working on. Pretty random, right? It’s an assignment at the end of Game Design Concepts Level 3 (yes, I am working through this quite slowly) which was:

Design a non-digital game with theme a relating to World War I. The primary objective of players cannot be territorial control, or capture/destroy.

I watched some videos on WWI and promptly took a two hour nap afterwards because, well, obviously. Anyways, from my research I gathered that the war came about because of tension between world powers and unofficial agreements with one another. Maybe. I decided to create a game exploring pacts, agreements, and what it means to break them.

The game is in its first/second-ish iteration and I have not play tested yet (other than with myself). So 90% of the following will change, but I figure it’s good to practice to write about it. Your goal is to:

Solve your Issues with the other player’s Assets.


Issues are cards with a problem on them (they aren’t related to WWI in this initial version, but could be later on). Each has a value of 1-4. Right now the Issues are things like Hungry (2), Depressed (4), or Bad Breath (1).

Assets are resources, or potential solutions for Issues. These also have a value of 1-4. For example, Medicine (2), Physical Attractiveness (3), or a $15 (1).

Handshakes are the solving of Issues with Assets. They take the form of a paper clip. To solve an Issue with a Handshake, you need enough Assets to cover the Issue’s value. For example, you could solve Bad Breath (1) with $15 (also 1). The subjects of Handshakes stay on the table.

Treaties are permanent pairings of Issues and Assets. For example, you would want to make a treaty with Bad Breath (1) and Listerine (1) because they are perfect for each other. Treaties are removed from the table.


Breaking Handshakes: The player who put down the Asset for a Handshake can decide to take it back. In this case the handshake is broken and the issue remains on the table, unsolved.

Trading Assets: You cannot solve your own issues, so if you have an Asset that would perfectly solve one of your issues, you can trade it with the other player. With their consent, obviously.


You will need:

  • Another person.
  • A deck of Issues
  • A deck of Assets
  • Some paper clips, or Handshakes


  1. Each person draws four Issues and four Assets.
  2. Decide who goes first.
  3. That person puts down an Issue.
  4. If the other player can solve it with an Asset, put down the Asset and seal the deal with either a Handshake (paper clip) or a Treaty.

After I playtest this once or twice, I’ll post a printable copy. So look forward to that!