Epic Small this week = Socrates + Game Mechanics

Posted November 29, 2012 in Projects

Photo credit: Epic Small Facebook page.


Epic what?

Started by the brilliant Sam Wilson (a member of Catapult as well!), Epic Small helps you accomplish small creative tasks one at a time at week long intervals. Here’s an article by Kate Stoltzfus at Yinzpiration with some more info. I was on a roll with Epic Smalls a couple months ago but haven’t done one in a while. Ergo, I’m going to start them again. This week, 11/29 – 12/6, I will:

Turn the Socratic method into game mechanics.

Boring? Hell no! The other day I read Notes on Dialog, by Stringfellow Barr, which discusses dialectic and other Socratic things. I liked it and think the Socratic method would be ripe for a mechanics-as-metaphor experimentation. In sum, I keep talking about this “games for higher education” deal and need to come up with prototypes to better present it.

Note: game mechanics in this case mean tentative bullet points and paragraphs.

Update 12/5: This Epic Small has been awarded an extension (yes, by me) to Dec. 10. In the mean time, here is a Hand Crocheted Knight Helmet Hat With Button-On Movable Visor.

Update 12/10: Ahhh…turns out this Epic is not Small. It’s in my back pocket for now and I’m instating a new Epic Small for 12/17 which is: 1 exercise from Challenges for Game Designers. This is less intimidating and I recorded on the official Catapult Epic Small whiteboard, so yeah.

Update 12/18: For the record, I did this. Well, I incorporated it into a larger project that I am very excited about – just haven’t completed a post on it yet because that’s more than an Epic Small in itself. Stay tuned.


What do you think? Do you have any questions, thoughts, or related links to share? Did I make a mistake in my post?

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