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Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero

I started the year exceptionally motivated and productive, with a reasonably-sized to-do list that has now expanded by a factor of at least three. This article by Frank Chimero about the increasing complexity of web development came about at the right time, and it deserves a share.


Things to Remember:
January 1-9

I always think I will remember more than I do. This is the first in an attempt to create a habit of writing “Things to Remember” round-up posts when I feel inspired to do so.

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How I do Inbox 0 in Gmail

I kind of roll my eyes at productivity posts, and yes, this is another productivity post. But, I’m really good at Inbox 0 and have been complimented a few times on my Gmail set up, so…ti


Productivity Scene in Pgh

I went to a great talk at Assemble (art/tech gallery on Penn) the other night by author of Connor Sites-Bowen. The event is was called Manifestto:DO: getting Sh*t done in Pittsburgh. Not your standard/redundant life hacks information, great, real info from real people. During the talk, everyone named good work/inspiration environments in the city. […]