Productivity Scene in Pgh

I went to a great talk at Assemble (art/tech gallery on Penn) the other night by author of Connor Sites-Bowen. The event is was called Manifestto:DO: getting Sh*t done in Pittsburgh. Not your standard/redundant life hacks information, great, real info from real people. During the talk, everyone named good work/inspiration environments in the city. I tried to get them all down, here’s a list and links:

Coffee shops

  • Voluto Coffee – also on Penn, but in Friendship. French brewed coffee by the cup and delicious blueberry muffins. Tried and true. They don’t care at all if you squat on their WiFi for 3hrs+.
  • Catapult – pop up coffee shop/co-working space on Penn. Tried and true, the guys there are awesome and they brew syphon coffee. Conference room and whiteboard in the back. BYOB at all times.
  • 720 Records – record store and coffee shop on Butler.
  • Cats and Dogs Coffeehouse – on Penn and Main.
  • Lilli Cafe in Lawrenceville.
  • Espresso a mano – another coffee shop in Lawrenceville. The front of the store is a garage door, so get a pleasant breeze on nice days.
  • Starbucks – the one below the Courtyard Mariott on Baum Blvd. It’s mostly people grabbing to go coffees, so the seating area stays pretty empty/quiet.

Co-working spaces

  • Beauty Shoppe – coworking space in East Liberty.
  • Catapult – mentioned above, but also falls in this category.

Libraries/parks/public places

  • University Libraries – Apparently the Pitt and CMU libraries are government funded, so technically public. Especially the SCI Library at Pitt – I heard you need a passport to get in!? i.e. no one’s there so it’s very quiet spot.
  • Cathedral of Learning – crowded during the day, but good spot at night and open till 3am. If the doors don’t open, try the handicap button.
  • Visitor Center at Schenley park
  • Cafe at Phipps

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