Inspiration Links

Email newsletters I enjoy

I’m really loving the medium of trustworthy email newsletters lately – here is a compendium of my favorite weekly-ish ones, both within the web dev sphere but also outside it.

Projects Updates

Designgineering Chronicles [WiH]: The First Month

This post is a summary of what I’ve been working on at PMC as a “Design Engineer”. Note that it is written in haste (WiH)!

Links Research Web Development

Resources about Front-end Architecture and Design Systems, etc.

I’ve been researching design systems lately, and this is an evolving list of the resources I’ve found particularly resonant for my purposes. Have anything to add?

Thoughts Updates

How’s it going, Lara?

Things are going *really well* for me right now, and that calls for a blog post! This one is much more personal than my posts usually are, but it’s healthy to open up a bit now and again, right?