Resources about Front-end Architecture and Design Systems, etc.

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I’ve been researching design systems lately, and this is an evolving list of the resources I’ve found particularly resonant for my purposes. Have anything to add?

Drawing of components in a pattern library

I’ve been researching design systems a bunch lately and am finding a need for a place to store my favorite resources – rather than continuing to copy and paste the same set of links, here’s a blog post of a few of my favorite resources around design systems, etc. , refactoring, and front-end architecture.

One thing to note about design systems: I think in many cases, and possibly for the purposes of what I am doing on at work, pattern or component library might be more accurate terms than design system. At this point, though, it seems like design system is used in a pretty general sense, so I’m not going to get too caught up in the semantics.

I hope to build out this list over time, and I welcome recommendations!

🍭 Denotes the resources I’ve found myself referencing multiple times.

Essential Background

Design Systems, etc.

Front-end Architecture

In Practice

Examples & Resources


I haven’t purchased these yet, but I want to!

What did I miss?

Are there any articles about design systems, etc. and front-end architecture you’d found particularly helpful? I’ll continue to update this list, so please leave a comment or send me a Tweet with anything you think I should add!