Email newsletters I enjoy

I’m really loving the medium of trustworthy email newsletters lately – here is a compendium of my favorite weekly-ish ones, both within the web dev sphere but also outside it.

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I’m really loving the medium of trustworthy email newsletters lately. I sign up with my real email – i.e. not the Gmail address I use for accounts and other junk – and I set them aside for focused reading and link browsing time each week, usually Sundays. I usually get through maybe 40% of them, but I have a nice queue of wonderful content to sift through when I get the chance.

Here’s the list:


  • CSS-Tricks – Duh. They do a great job with their newsletter – it’s a wonderful mixture of links, tweets, highlights from the blog, and general musings.
  • CSS Layout News – From Rachel Andrew, this one ensures I stay up to date on developments in HTML and CSS, the latest on things like progressive enhancement and typography, and so much more.
  • UI Animation Weekly – From Val Head, fun links, tutorials, and tidbits about animation.
  • Jag Talon’s Newsletter – Jag is the host of the podcast Friends Talk Front-end (which I have been meaning to listen to for a while…). Jag’s emails are concise, personal, well-written and very much from an individual which is a nice contrast to the others in this list.
  • Design Systems – I just learned about this one, and am very excited for the next issue! News about design systems from the one and only Jina Anne.


  • WP Shout – Really well written emails with both friendly, email-specific content as well as summaries of recent posts from the WPShout blog. WPShout is primarily intermediate WP developer tutorials, and even though I’ve been at it for a while, I always learn something new and benefit from their excellent explanations.
  • Post Status – Post Status is a paid membership of $100/year, and their member newsletter is very valuable for WordPress news and tips. I don’t tune in to the Slack group much, but I don’t tune into most Slack groups so…
  • Delicious Brains – Delicious Brains is the company behind Migrate DB Pro, a plugin I’ve been using for several years now. Their blog is chock full or more advanced and experimental WordPress development topics, as well as writing about their products. The emails usually consist of a note and highlighted blog post.

Not dev-related

  • Creative Mornings – I used to attend Creative Mornings regularly when I lived in NYC, but the gigantic nature of LA makes that not as possible. However, their newsletters are chock full of excellent links about productivity, design, and everything in between. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click, “Newsletters” to sign up!
  • I Love That – From the hosts of the No, You Go podcast, this newsletter is full of personal anecdotes and tons of quality, insightful, and inspiring content.
  • Girl’s Night In – I’m not that into face creams and shoes and self-care and the like, but sometimes I am! This newsletter ensures I don’t forget to be girly, sometimes. I learned about GNI from No You Go.
  • Reccomendo – This one is simply “6 brief recommendations of cool stuff”, and they come from both men and women of various ages and in different industries.

What else?

Anything to add? I almost don’t want to ask that – I am feeling entirely overwhelmed by high quality content at the moment…maybe this is too many newsletters…

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  1. Hi Lara!

    Omg thank you so much for the shout out! Also this is a good list I love these suggestions. “Girl’s Night In” and “I Love That” are 😍