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Dead Fish ≠ Code Export

This post is a response to a tweet critiquing the “code export” capability of design tools, and a talk called “Stop Drawing Dead Fish” that calls for better tools to allow artists to create visual art without code. Should designers code? Should artists code? It’s a nuanced, interesting topic and I had some thoughts.

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Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero

I started the year exceptionally motivated and productive, with a reasonably-sized to-do list that has now expanded by a factor of at least three. This article by Frank Chimero about the increasing complexity of web development came about at the right time, and it deserves a share.


#Make100 Monsters on Kickstarter!

A non-computer hobby of mine is to illustrate friendly monsters. In an effort to get them out of my sketchbooks and onto walls, I’ve launched a Kickstarter #Make100 project!