#Make100 Monsters on Kickstarter!

A non-computer hobby of mine is to illustrate friendly monsters. In an effort to get them out of my sketchbooks and onto walls, I’ve launched a Kickstarter #Make100 project!

You may have noticed a couple of cute monster illustrations here on my website, and if you follow me on Instagram you will definitely have noticed them! Illustrating these monsters is a non-computer hobby of mine. I do have an art degree, after all…

Collage of sketches of cute monsters
Check out these cute monsters from my sketchbooks.

Traditionally these monsters have been contained in sketchbooks, but as part of a resolution to make some more wall-worthy artwork in 2018 and the very inspiring “Make 100” initiative on Kickstarter, I’ve launched a Kickstarter project to raise some funds for art supplies, but more importantly to make monsters for other people.

Finished orange monster portrait next to a painting in the beginning stages of a monster with weird antennae eyes and no arms
An in-progress monster next to a finished monster.

All the monsters are 100% original, signed, and handmade (except the sticker option). Would you like a monster?