The One True Way [WiH]

The One True Way to write code.

In my development career, I seem to repeat this cycle:

  1. discover a methodology (“hmm this sounds interesting”),
  2. become familiar with and then productive in that methodology (“ohh, I like this…maybe this is it“),
  3. develop a belief that the methodology is The One True Way (“yes, this is it! i found The One True Way that will always work forever!! finally!”),
  4. 9 months pass,
  5. revisit code written according to The One True Way (“WTF is this…oh….”),
  6. plummet back to reality, realize there there is no One True Way…there are many ways, and none are 100% true.

But, wait, I have good news.

This time, and I mean for real this time, I know The One True Way. It is writing tests. Tests are The One True Way. Tests ensure that code written in The One True Way 9 months ago will still work and can maintained when I encounter the next One True Way.

I’ll check back on this post in 9 months.