Hello! My name is Lara.

I’m a software developer living in Pittsburgh, PA. I work on enterprise WordPress websites and design systems at Penske Media Corporation.

I love CSS, and in my conference speaking and blog writing, I advocate for CSS to be treated more formally in code-bases. I help others to both see CSS as a programming language (yes, we write algorithms in CSS!), and to see themselves as programmers.

In addition to my job, I facilitate the weekly meetings for the WordPress Core CSS focus, where we are working on a CSS audit of the WordPress admin, and an ongoing initiative to overhaul the color scheme implementation.

Apart from my work in tech, I love to run, bike and generally be outside. I’m learning Spanish, I draw monsters and occasionally create zines.

Read more about me and my developer journey here.

I write about personal and tech-related topics.

And at this point, I am getting close to 10 years of content! Here are some recent posts.

More soon!

My website is forever in progress. I’m thinking I’ll add a section with some more pictures here, or perhaps snippets of the other pages on my site…like the monsters, in particular!

Collage of sketches of cute monsters
These are some analog monsters, but many are now drawn on the iPad! Maybe I’ll get back to the analog ones soon.