Hello! My name is Lara.

I’m a software developer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I work on big WordPress websites and design systems at Penske Media Corporation. I love CSS, and I advocate for CSS to be treated more formally in code-bases because CSS is a real programming language.

I am also a runner, I’m learning Spanish, and I draw monsters and create zines about a variety of topics that I will share on my website at some point in the future.

These days, I am directing a lot of the energy previously devoted to CSS/tech-related projects into antiracism and the movement for Black lives in Pittsburgh. I’m at the beginning of that journey, but announcing this on the homepage of my website feels like a good way to make it an official part of my identity. Classic ally theater (a term coined here by Princess Harmony Rodriguez that I learned about on this post by Mia Mckenzie).

I love to write on my blog.

And at this point, I am getting close to 10 years of content! Here are some recent posts.