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Note to future Lara: Probably don’t rename directories just because it “feels better”

Lesson learned: Changing existing names with “better” new names is not necessarily a good idea because there will always be “better” new names.

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The One True Way [WiH]

The One True Way to write code.

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Twitter thread as blog post: Thoughts on how we write CSS

(Warning: thought-leadery post)

Problems with CSS are not a result of flaws in CSS. The problem is how we write CSS.

Research Thoughts

Twitter thread as blog post about "We Are Programmers"

I had a lot of impassioned thoughts while on a run today and decided to bang out this Twitter-thread-blog-post instead of letting them die a slow, silent death, alone in my brain, as they often do.

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Writing CSS Algorithms

The methods for white-boarding algorithm questions serve us quite well when writing CSS algorithms. This post is a written portion of the second half of version 1 of the Algorithms of CSS.

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The Etymology of Programming – Brittany Storoz @ JSConf EU

I highly suggest watching Brittany’s full talk – she is a brilliant speaker, and her presentation is full of both fun facts about programming jargon and critical information about the impact of the terms we use.