Thai Food in Los Angeles

Posted September 13, 2017 in Miscellaneous

Once you can process the fact that great restaurants can be in strip malls, Los Angeles does a few things better than NYC and Thai food is one of them. I have yet to figure out what the others are (probably Korean food), but bear with me.

Where to find said Thai food? Thai Town, of course! I’ve had the best Pad Ke Mao of my life at Sanamluang Cafe, a divey, inexpensive joint across from Jumbo’s Clown Room on Hollywood Blvd and a recommended stop for late-night if you “happen” to find yourself at the latter establishment (just look for the neon lights across the street to the west).

Yesterday though, we (my partner Allie and I) visited the esteemed Jitlada for lunch and, while we opted em not to order Fried Silk Worm and the prices were a little up there, it lives up to the hype, 100%. The menu is gigantic, so we referenced Jitlada’s review on The Infatuation to guide our ordering.

Southern Thai food at LA’s esteemed Jitlada.
Southern Thai food at LA’s esteemed Jitlada.


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  • Sanamluang Cafe is great and more unique, but Thai Patio is my favorite. Night & Market is good too

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