Designgineering Chronicles: Months 9.5-11ish?

    A slightly delayed Chronicle, but no less juicy! In preparation for the kick-off of Blueberry, we are figuring out how to actually share and publish modules as the design system (named Larva) becomes a product that stands on its own.

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    Designgineering Chronicles: Months 8.5-9.5

    Cantaloupe, a.k.a., has launched!!! This installment of the Chronicles discusses the project's huge success, the beginnings of a design system roadmap, and an introduction to Blueberry, the next code-named redesign for PMC.

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    Designgineering Chronicles: Months 6.5-8.5, Part 1

    It's a month later than I would have liked, but at long last an update on project Cantaloupe which is full steam ahead on development. What's it like to build and use a design system at the same time? In Part 1, we talk workflow, CSS utilities, and houses of cards.

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    #ShareYourDocs: One-off Patterns

    I do not have the time or energy to write a full blog post, so instead I will share some interesting documentation about writing one-off patterns in our in-progress design system under a hash-tag I just came up with called #ShareYourDocs.

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    Notes from Clarity Conf 2018

    Clarity Conference was back at the beginning of December last year, but better late than never, right? I took handwritten notes on my iPad and have (finally) transcribed them for your scanning pleasure.

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    Design Systems Checklist

    The design systems conversation is officially under way at PMC which is extremely exciting and something I need to write more about. But in the mean time, I want to share the Design Systems Checklist by Tim Schoch. There are so many design systems-related things floating around […]

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