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Algorithms in CSS Tour Dates, Summer 2019

My talk and I are going on tour this summer! In other words, I submitted to a bunch of conferences and got into some of them. So stoked!

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Writing CSS Algorithms

The methods for white-boarding algorithm questions serve us quite well when writing CSS algorithms. This post is a written portion of the second half of version 1 of the Algorithms of CSS.

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CSS is a Declarative, Domain-Specific Programming Language

Over the past year, I’ve been giving a talk called The Algorithms of CSS, originally created for CSSConf EU. This post covers the first part of my presentation, and breaks down how CSS fits into the categories of programming languages.


Europe Trip/Talks: Recap + Photos

I have returned from my three-week romp around Europe, book-ended with talks at CSSConf EU and WordCamp EU. Here’s a recap along with some photos.

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CSS Algorithms: Changelog and Sources

Is CSS a programming language? What is a “CSS algorithm”? Read on to answer these questions, and to learn how CSS fits into the world of programming and computer science.