Algorithms in CSS Tour Dates, Summer 2019

Posted May 15, 2019 in Updates, Web Development

That’s right…me and my talk, Algorithms in CSS (a.k.a. Algorithms of CSS) are going on tour this summer!

Translation: I was invited (milestone!!!) to speak at CSS Day in Amsterdam, and had planned to keep it at that, but then I attended Global Diversity CFP Day (one of my favorite events) when I was visiting NYC. That event and the people I met boosted my confidence and ambition, so I spent several Saturdays during the winter submitting my talk (from two different angles) to a lot of conferences. My proposal was accepted for some (not all) of them!

Here are the tour dates:

The talk is ~90% new content, and I’m sure it will change even more throughout the summer as I learn new things and meet new people at all of these great events. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! But for real, I am! I love working on this talk!!

(Please note: I still experience moments of panic and imposter-y feelings about speaking, but I’ve figured out a good system to keep them at bay, for the most part.)

Not only will this summer be a test for the new talk content (which touches on some big ideas), but it will be a test for me, too: I’ve never done this many conferences in such a short amount of time. Will I like it? Will it be too much travel? I just moved to Pittsburgh and am so happy to be here, but I’m going to be traveling so much and focusing on my talk and working a full-time job. I’ll have to miss a lot of the fun Pittsburgh stuff I moved here for…but Pittsburgh will still be here in the fall, right?