When you draw a funny character and realize it’s more like a self-portrait…

I drew a cute character and it ended up resembling a picture of me a the beach. Funny how these things happen.

Updates Web Development

Plans and Pens for v3

There are a lot of fun technologies that have matured since I took my ski-bum sabbatical over the winter, and I am doing my best to bring my skills back up to speed. They weren’t all that far behind, but given my newfound motivation and availability for side projects, I’m really excited to delve into […]


Updates Soon-ish

I’m in the process of a light rebranding effort, primarily updating this site to be less oriented around attracting business and more oriented to me as a developer/individual. This site’s design has been the same for almost five years and, although I still love it, my goals have changed significantly; I’m currently looking for a […]