Updates Soon-ish

I’m in the process of a light rebranding effort, primarily updating this site to be less oriented around attracting business and more oriented to me as a developer/individual. This site’s design has been the same for almost five years and, although I still love it, my goals have changed significantly; I’m currently looking for a full-time job, and the “I teach fishing” motif no longer needs to be front and center. I want this site to be a friendlier place for me to create content, less formal and more personable, geared toward an audience of fellow developers rather than potential clients.

My plan is to tell the story of my journey as a developer. In addition to the My JavaScript Story episodes of JavaScript Jabber, I was inspired by this Twitter prompt and its ensuing thread:

I love hearing these stories. Everyone arrived at the web in their own way, and there’s no way we would know these things about each other without asking. Online interactions are 99% of the time about XYZ framework and <insert #hotdrama here> rather than our personal lives, and our stories bring the humanity and relatability back to an otherwise results-driven industry.

Additionally, I am excited about delving back into design and illustration for this site re-do. I have pretty much removed design from my professional repertoire, but I do still enjoy it! Since I am more comfortable in HTML and CSS than in Illustrator or Sketch, my design process happens in tandem with development. Now that I feel more confident in my JavaScript skills, I’m anxious to see where they come in!

Stay tuned!