Roadtrippin’ to Pittsburgh!

Posted April 27, 2019 in Personal, Updates

I am in the midst of a driving across America, from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh. That’s right: see ya later, Los Angeles, I’m moving back to Pittsburgh!

Well, at the moment I am not driving: I am at RISE Coffee House in St. Louis, Missouri, where I have been for the last couple of nights (St. Louis is cool!). Today I will be driving to Louisville, Kentucky for the night, and then to my family’s farm outside Pittsburgh the day after that. I’ve been on the road for about a week, and it’s been a fantastic trip full of both adventures and quality solitude.

In the near future I will post more trip details along with my Insta-journal entries, a.k.a my approach to using Instagram in a less invasive way. It’s quite fun: I take photos during the day as things are happening, then post them in a stream-of-consciousness Instagram story all at once every day or two. Then they can be downloaded as videos for a nice record of the journey, and people seem to enjoy them!

To tide you over and for the sake of having a featured image for this post, here is a picture of me in front of Meteor Crater in Northern Arizona! This crater was created 50,000 years ago by a meteorite 150ft in diameter. It is one mile wide, 800 feet deep, and the best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth. Wowza!

Me standing in front of a giant meteor crater


What do you think? Do you have any questions, thoughts, or related links to share? Did I make a mistake in my post?

  • Was just there last week! Amazing hole in the ground! And so close to the other one (Grand Canyon). Highlight of my Sedona week however was Antelope Canyon! Safe travels!

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