Research on Curriculum Design and Quest to Learn

Article: Quest to Learn as a Model for Higher Education

Pretty much exactly what I want to do. In this article, Justin W. Marquis goes through a few key features of Q2L and examines how they might be applied to higher ed, particularly the application of design and systems thinking.

Tools: Q Design Packs from Quest to Learn

What a fantastic find! This collection of PDFs include infographics, worksheets, and detailed descriptions of the Q2L learning model and how to implement it. I’ve started working through it for a class idea called “Intro to -isms”.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.46.04 AM

Concept: Understanding by Design

A phrase coined by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, Wikipedia describes it as:

…a framework for designing curriculum units, performance assessments, and instruction that lead your students to deep understanding of the content you teach,” UbD expands on “six facets of understanding”, which include students being able to explain, interpret, apply, have perspective, empathize, and have self-knowledge about a given topic

This is based on the concept of Backwards Design, or the “designing educational curriculum by setting goals before choosing instructional methods and forms of assessment.”

Video: Do schools kill creativity?

This TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson identifies the fact that we begin our lives as creatives, and are slowly conditioned to suppress our creativity. It’s the archetypical TED talk – super charismatic speaker, very inspiring, and worth a watch: