This month, prepare for a few blog posts “from the past”

Blog posts “from the past”? Yes, this month I will publish posts written months and years ago.


In February, I filtered through saved blog posts drafts that were never published. I tidied some of them up and will be publishing them this month. One of them is particularly personal, and I think it is important to share.

I think collecting posts in drafts might be an effective strategy for storing and vetting ideas. In a few cases, I found multiple drafts that were about the same topic but created several months, or even years, apart. Does that mean those are the important ideas?

I also liked scheduling posts. It’s less pressure. I used to publish blog posts “written in haste” or “published in haste” – that was exciting to me for a while, but it isn’t anymore.

Well, for folks reading this on Twitter, you’ve reached the conclusion of a Twitter thread authored on my blog. How did it turn out?