Non-Zero Days, Antiracism Edition: Days 8 – 9

The past couple of days I contributed to a team list of antiracism resources, had ideas for artwork, and emailed legislators in Pittsburgh.

Yesterday, I contributed resources to a page we added our team’s documentation at work for Anti-racism & Allyship. I also reviewed and gave feedback on the form we will be presenting to the team on Monday. I plan to write more about that and maybe share it – I’m really proud of what we came up with.

I also started making a small zine: “Antiracism: One mistake at a time” that contains a brief description of various mistakes I have made and insecurities I have felt while pursuing antiracism over the past year and a half.

Today, during a run, I had an idea to create some artwork that has anti-racist reflection prompts that could potentially be posted around my neighborhood. Things like, “When was the first time, in childhood, you were aware of race or skin color?” and “How do you adjust your thinking and/or behavior around those who’s skin is a different color than yours?” These questions are inspired by the form we are creating at work, and I think it could be a cool form of artistic activism. In my antiracist journey, I have found that constant reflection is really important.

Also today, I found a great web tool called that has ready-made copy/paste emails you can send to legislators in your city (literally, it takes 30 seconds to do this). I sent the suggested email for Pittsburgh, and emailed it to two family members and one good friend, along with this article on Pennsylvania’s and the Pittsburgh mayor’s response to the Black Lives Matter protests – it is heartening.