Negronis and Side Projects

Posted July 14, 2014 in Projects

One thing that may not be evident from my web presence is that I’m into cocktails. I had the best Negroni of my life at Gin Palace the other night, and when I needed an idea for a project, naturally that Negroni came to mind. Enter the Negroni Awareness Coalition (the NAC). Quickie screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.27.51 AM
A Negroni is a delicious gin and Campari drink, by the way.

Some back story: I’m a newly minted facilitator for the company Decoded and, as my training, I participated in the Code in a Day workshop (which I’ll be facilitating). The premise of the workshop is a ‘web app in a day’. It’s so nice to have an excuse to just sit down and make something, blank canvas style. Decoded is doing super cool stuff, maybe a future post on that.

At the moment, the above just a snarky site that tells you how far you are from the Gin Palace, but I think it might be fun to continue working on it. Plus I showed it to the lovely bartender there … maybe it will become a bigger thing! A Negroni tracking system or something.

On side projects

I’ve had a rocky relationship with side projects. On one hand, of course I should have one (or three)! On the other hand, I spend so much time on the computer already…do I really want to add a bunch of unpaid work to my plate? At least I keep this blog relatively up to date, though I’ve definitely semi-abandoned some promising side projects in past.

That being said, side projects are a fantastic way to learn new skills. And, like many a front end developer these days, I’m feeling more and more pressure to sharpen my JavaScript chops and get my feet wet in the backend. So, time for a side project!

Another idea (of course)

Ideas are cheap, but I’ve got another good one in addition to the NAC.

Again in line with my cocktail fixation, I like to go to bars alone sometimes. However, not all bars are great for that, and I end up awkwardly peering through the window to see if it would be a fitting place. I’d love to have a list of the best go-to-alone bars, with relevant info that isn’t necessarily in a Foursquare tip like, what days of the week is it the quietest? Is it good for quietly reading or more a place to meet people? Are the bartenders chatty? Etc, etc.

It’s called Fly Solo and would live at (like, etc). And the domain is purchased! It would probably be more for my benefit than anyone else’s, but I think that’s a good impetus for side projects. Plus I don’t think it will be too difficult to make – I can probably adapt the little user system from this fantastic Node Tutorial for Frontend Devs and it’s sequel.

That’s all! As usual, I’ll post some updates if I’m organized enough.