Update 2/3/23: Yeah. It’s official. The digital garden thing is not working for me. Oh well! This garden is dead, which means something exciting will take its place. Also. Isn’t the idea of a website you continue to tend over a long time a digital garden? So yeah, not dead, but I decided I don’t like these rules I was excited about before.

Update 11/2/22: I’m not liking nor using the “Garden” nor the wine metaphor for posts’ maturity. Pages instead of posts may work bettern for long term evolving kind of content. Here’s one I’m working on:

Content here is organized by its maturity. Once I’ve accumulated more content written in this fashion, I might organize using other categories, but I’m just getting started so we’ll see what happens.

So far, the “maturity” categories are:

🍷 Wine

This is content that has stood the test of time and is likely to improve with age, but no guarantees, of course.

🍇 Grapes

These posts are likely to have something to offer for others besides me, but they aren’t in their final state.

🌱 Seedlings

These posts are in their infancy, and they might not make a lot of sense yet. They might be renamed or deleted, so be careful about linking to them.

🧊 Frozen

  • CSS Algorithms: Changelog and Sources

    CSS Algorithms: Changelog and Sources

    Is CSS a programming language? What is a “CSS algorithm”? Read on to answer these questions, and to learn how CSS fits into the world of programming and computer science.

  • Day 1: Data Structures – Linked Lists

    Day 1: Data Structures – Linked Lists

    Linked lists are very similar to arrays in that they are a one-dimensional list of elements. Unlike arrays, however, in a linked list, you cannot just jump to index 4, you have to walk through the list, starting with the “head”, or the first element in the list, and work your way through to the…