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From the vaults [lnfnmo][NODOI]

Since the relatively recent renewal of my artistic/conceptual energy, I’ve been looking through some old projects and writing a bunch (won’t be posting that though). I am at last reintroducing NODOI and lnfnmo. It’s been about a 1.5 year break. I totally forgot how far I had gotten with both of these – the biggest find of late is definitely this Flash prototype of the points architecture (click the image to go there):

I’m definitely excited to rewrite this and integrate it with the sentences in draft1. If you are unfamiliar with these projects, this post may not make much sense, but hopefully I will discuss them in a more comprehensible/academic/statement sort of way as I start working on them again. To see more projects of this spirit, visit these Relevant Links. And if you are really feeling brave and don’t mind broken links, take a look at the falling apart NODOI info blog from way back in the day.

Finally, if you do play with the points system above and have an idea about what it’s doing, maybe leave a comment with your thoughts!