Freelancer is a dirty word.

First of all, I am very proud to be a freelancer, and certainly identify as one. But…I hesitate. I kind of loathe the term. I feel like the word itself implies someone taking whatever work they can get, aimless and uncommitted, or in-between jobs with no other option to make ends meet. Of course this may be the case for some, but not for most of us!

Freelancing is NOT this.

Freelancers are business owners and, like any business, seek the work they want, turn down work they don’t want, and (if all goes swimmingly) are not scrapping for cash. But what else to call myself?

Contractor doesn’t quite fit, that generally implies longer term, potentially full time and on-site work – quite the opposite of how I function.

Web designer doesn’t work either – that usually begs the question “oh, where do you work?” to which I reply “for myself, I’m a freelancer.” So, yeah, there’s it is again.

I could say consultant, but that feels like a cop out.

“Self employed”…sure, but that doesn’t indicate my industry nor that I am for hire.

I could say “I run a web design business” but that sounds like I have employees, which I don’t (yet).

Seriously though, how do I describe what I do with out saying freelancer? Or should I stop whining and just own it? This is bugging me.