bread + adventure = breadventure

I made bread! Here are pictures.


I am currently taking a few days of staycation (stay + vacation) from work, and I feel that few activities say “quarantined staycation” more than bread making.

Here are some pictures in reverse chronological order:

So satisfying! This loaf is almost gone already!
I only had one bread pan so used aluminum foil and a pie pan instead – worked great!
Freshly placed into the oven after the second rising. Regrettably, I did not take a photo after the “punch” after the first rising.
After the first kneading / ready to rise!

I made whole wheat bread from the recipe in Joy of Cooking, and used maple syrup for the sweet part. Would make again!

I also watched three episodes of The Sopranos during this process.

I wrote this blog post on my phone in 20 minutes. I’ve entered a renewed phase of “what do I write about on my blog if I don’t feel like writing about design systems and other code-things”. Today, bread.