Back in business!
An update from sunny LA.

Posted March 17, 2017 in Updates

It turns out LA isn’t always sunny, but there are definitely palm trees.

While my few month ski-bum sabbatical was enjoyable and revitalizing, I now realize that mountains, fresh air, and care-free living are totally overrated. Err…what I’m trying to say is I took my break and am ready to get back to business (and away from frustrating Utah liquor laws)!

I moved to LA. Yes, that’s true.

I write from my new home in sunny Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact (yes, people actually live in Hollywood…I didn’t know either). New York City treated me well the past few years, but the time has come for tamales, sunshine, and something a little different. Plus I get to be with some of my very favorite people and a little dog named Zoe.

I’m looking for work! Here’s how I get work.

When people ask me “How do you get work?” my response is:

I tell people I’m looking for work. Then, while I wait for referrals, I do a bunch of stuff for free. That includes talking at meetups, doing free workshops, and writing blog posts. Finally, I cross my fingers and have faith that it will come when I need it. It’s a very exact science, let me tell you.

So far that’s worked out just fine, and now is the ultimate test! I’m starting from scratch here on the west coast. Let’s see if my own advice applies. If you or anyone you know is looking for part-time or project-based WordPress and front-end work or private tutoring help with a project, send them my way.

Can I help you with anything? Get in touch.