Ski bum sabbatical

I currently write from my new home at Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge in Alta, UT. I’ve made quite the transition from life in New York City. After a few months back at home in Pittsburgh, I have migrated to Utah for a ski bum sabbatical at Alta, a ski resort outside of Salt Lake City. I’ll be working as a bartender at Goldminer’s and fulfilling my bucket list item of skiing 100+ days in a season (today will be number 1!).

I had planned to write a long, heartfelt post about burnout and working too hard and how I’m totally over New York, but instead I will simply bid my web presence adieu for the time being and head for the slopes. Actually, it is currently 2°F, so I will take my time getting out there…

Oh yeah, during this time all Tackle Box classes are $10 each! So, for the cost of a decent sandwich you can learn web development. Check them out here.