Why don’t code schools teach WordPress?

In the coding classes I’ve taught (which, for the record, have been part-time, not bootcamps) students’ intentions are often to make their own websites, work on existing ones, or to incorporate web development into a freelance practice. Regarding bootcamps, I’ve met several graduates who began their careers with freelancing, where a lack of WordPress competence quickly becomes an issue.

Freelance WordPress projects are a fantastic way for novice developers to gain the problem-solving skills and portfolio they need to transition into a full-time tech job, yet ‐ to my knowledge ‐ proper attention to WordPress is rarely allocated more than a day in coding courses, if that.

There’s no doubt that knowledge of JavaScript, frameworks, and the like is valuable in a product-focused tech industry, and that WordPress is not a particularly “cool” technology. But WordPress also powers at least 25% of the web, and it is undeniably a skill set in high demand with a relatively low barrier to entry.

Am I missing something? Why don’t more code schools take this into account?