What, exactly, is a pipeline? [WiH]

This is a very serious question.

Remember: WiH is “Written in Haste”.

The pipeline on Bitbucket runs our unit tests and PHP code sniffer and other stuff before a branch can be merged into master. If a test fails or code formatting is off, the pipeline will fail.

Someone from our DevOps team is helping to set up a Jenkins job that run an npm script and copies files to an S3 bucket for static deployment. The pipeline is almost finished.

I am volunteering with a non-profit helping to get data together for their annual report, and working on a Node.js program that uses a Geocoding API to get the neighborhood from an address. One of my fellow volunteers asked me to let him know what the data will look like once it’s pipelined and exported.

I knew someone back in LA who worked as a Sr. Pipelines Engineer at a popular startup. He spent all day everyday working on pipelines.