Breakfast burrito at the airport

    I'm eating a breakfast burrito at LAX before my flight back to Pittsburgh. Breakfast burritos at the airport before early flights are a ritual for me, and I felt like writing about it.

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    Anti-Notification Workflow

    As part of my mission to conquer Twitter anxiety, I've figured out a solid workflow for quieting notifications on my phone. These things may be obvious, but they are not the default, so decidedly not obvious.

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    Disappointing Pho

    A short post about eating disappointing pho while hungover. I wouldn't call this a "must read" but it is certainly relatable.

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    How’s it going, Lara?

    Things are going *really well* for me right now, and that calls for a blog post! This one is much more personal than my posts usually are, but it's healthy to open up a bit now and again, right?

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    Too Much Pressure

    I set my standards too high for blog posts. I know that they are too high because I don't publish them. It's too much pressure! (It's got to stop, it's got to stop) And a cool thing: I was magically able to write blog posts again after publishing this one!

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    Dead Fish ≠ Code Export

    This post is a response to a tweet critiquing the "code export" capability of design tools, and a talk called "Stop Drawing Dead Fish" that calls for better tools to allow artists to create visual art without code. Should designers code? Should artists code? It's a nuanced, interesting topic and I had some thoughts.

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    Thoughts on Gutenberg (Pre-WordCamp US)

    This post has been marinating in my drafts for a few weeks, and I'd like to get it out into the world before I learn a whole bunch through talks and conversations at WordCamp US this weekend and refine my views accordingly.

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    Computer Science Bootcamp

    I’m studying up for a real-deal interview. There will be whiteboards. There will be coding questions much more involved than FizzBuzz. There will be algorithms and math and data structures and all of the things I have successfully avoided for much of my career. This is potentially a […]

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    JavaScript and Me

    JavaScript and I have had a rocky relationship over the past few years. My consulting work doesn't really require a deep understanding of JavaScript, but my newfound resolve to level-up my skills and to obtain a full-time job have deemed that deep understanding quite necessary.

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    Reverse Job Post:
    UX-Oriented, Senior-ish Front-end Developer

    Lara's Dream Employer seeks a UX-Oriented, Senior Front-end Web Developer with advanced HTML/CSS knowledge, working JavaScript knowledge, and a background in illustration or visual design. This role is part of a small front-end team that operates as the link between design and back-end development.

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    Article: No, I’m from New York

    Actually, I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania, but my years in NYC made enough of an impact on me that this article from the New Yorker describes the LA vs. NYC phenomenon impeccably.

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    Why don’t code schools teach WordPress?

    In the coding classes I’ve taught (which, for the record, have been part-time, not bootcamps) students’ intentions are often to make their own websites, work on existing ones, or to incorporate web development into a freelance practice. Regarding bootcamps, I’ve met several graduates who began their careers with freelancing, where […]

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