Podcast Recommendation: Finding Fred

I honestly feel refreshed as a human being after listening to this podcast about Fred Rogers, and how the values from the Mr. Rogers show apply to our world today. 10/10 recommend.

The cover of Findng Fred pocast, showing a picture of Mr. Rogers' red sweater

Mr. Rogers, a children’s television show hosted by Fred Rogers from the late 1960s to early 2000s, has had a major comeback over the past few months. I didn’t realize he was a sensation beyond the Pittsburgh area (he is from a town about 30 minutes from where I grew up!), but he certainly was, and continues to be! I also didn’t realize the contents of the show was so mission-driven and purposeful, even subversive at times.

Finding Fred is a 10-episode podcast series from iHeartRadio (who knew they made podcasts?) that dissects the values of Mr. Rogers, both the person and the show, and how they apply to our world today. The host, Carvell Wallace, is fantastic. He interviews several interesting guests (such as folks who worked on the show and individuals who were impacted by Mr. Rogers, including W. Kamau Bell), and addresses a variety of perspectives regarding the content. I listened to it on a road trip to NY with my mom, and it inspired excellent conversation.

I honestly feel refreshed as a human being after listening to it.