Antiracism Pittsburgh

Non-Zero Days, Antiracism Edition: Days 21 – 28

Sending emails and figuring out antiracist actions in my neighborhood.

June 17

  • Started working on zine and poster about antiracism action in Pittsburgh
  • Called mayor and county executive in support for the #Got12 campaign

June 18

  • Emailed mayor and another government person about the #Got12 campaign and emailed a template to friends and family to use
  • Researched local Black-owned businesses to include in the zine in the “nearby” section
  • Started antiracism Slack channel for my team at work

June 19

  • Made a flyer with an email template for people to send in support of the #Got12 campaign, and included a link to send the email digitally and give any feedback
  • Made signs with my mom and rode bikes around Homewood wearing them, intending to go to a demonstration. We didn’t find the demonstration we were looking for but checked out a very beautiful mural, and it was a very cool experience to bike around with the signs and show solidarity in a historically Black neighborhood that I had only been to a few times before.
  • Bought cookies at Dana’s Bakery and someone we met there invited us to a Juneteenth celebration at the Sankofa Community Garden. We went and, after offering money to the people serving food, learned that no one charges for food on Juneteenth.
  • Had family Juneteenth dinner with historically Black foods, and we each researched a fact about Black history ahead of time and shared it at dinner.

June 20

  • Rest

June 21

June 22

  • This was a zero day.

June 23

  • While running I thought about how racially divided my neighborhood is, and had an idea for a “North Graham and South Graham” meet and greet or social distance dinner club. Or honestly, this would be useful on my single block – there are several neighbors of color I don’t know at all. Of course the ideas started flowing and this soon became an idea for a webapp…but I think I will contact some neighbors and see if they are interested.

June 24

  • Emailed several board members from non-profits to urge them to demand the city remove a Columbus status in our most popular park. I learned about this action from the What’s Up Pittsburgh message board.
  • Sent an email template to friends/family members and encouraged them to send it as well.
  • Called the Louisville Chamber of Commerce to tell them I will not be visiting Louisville until justice for Breonna Taylor is served – I spoke to an actual person who said they report to the city. I shared this action in our antiracism Slack channel at work.