Non-Zero Days, Antiracism Edition: Days 1 – 5

Creating a habit of antiracism with non-zero antiracist actions per day (i.e. one or more actions).

I occasionally look at the Non-Zero Day subreddit. The concept of a Non-Zero Day is that you do not do zero things related to your goal every day (though in my practice, I sometimes excuse weekends) – that means one or more things, of course. It’s inspiring, and I’ve successfully created habits for myself with this strategy.

This is the perfect framework to ensure I continue doing this work after the heat of current events subsides. Hopefully, I will keep up with the blog posts, too, and maybe even inspire others to do the same!

Here are the actions I can recall from the last few days:

On Friday, I sent an email to the human resources department at work suggesting they send a company-wide email addressing current racist events and its impact on our coworkers, and included a list of resources. The outcome here is still evolving, and I’ll try to write more about it.

On Saturday, I had conversations about racial injustice with my mom and brother during dinner.

On Sunday, I wrote my first antiracism blog post sharing a link to a list of racial justice actions, and after publishing it, realized the title sounded racist, so I amended the post accordingly. I also donated in memory of Tony McDade.

Yesterday, I attended the #BlackLivesMatter protest in Pittsburgh for about 45 minutes in the afternoon during a work break, and I shared the Antiracism Confession Board with some people at work.

Today, I donated to the Bukit Bail Fund for the Allegheny County Jail that I learned about from this great list of Black-led racial justice organizations in Pittsburgh and shared that list with my family and a good friend. I also wrote the post you are reading, and cross-published it on the Non-Zero Days subreddit.