Article: No, I’m from New York

Posted September 10, 2017 in Links, Thoughts

Actually, I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania, but my years in NYC made enough of an impact that this article is everything.

Oh, L.A. has perfect weather? More like pathetic weather. I’m from New York, where the weather is only nice two days a year, and do you know what we do on those two days? We stay inside and work, because we’re New Yorkers and we’ve got too much stuff to do to care that it’s lovely outside.

After visiting my old neighborhood in NYC about a month ago, I had more than half a mind to give up on this suburban excuse for a city. Amazingly, however, upon my return to the west coast, I found a new resolve to make it work here. Challenge is something I look for in a city, and I think Los Angeles is a whole new type of challenge.

In New York, opportunities are around every block, staring you in the face, waiting for you to grab them. And if one doesn’t work out, there are four or ten more around the next block. LA is the same, it’s just that the blocks are a mile long and … #traffic. If nothing else, living in LA teaches one patience.

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