Link (plus a thought): 75 Things People Can Do For Racial Justice

This is a nice list of racial justice action items. I wonder, though, is it counter-productive to have lists such as this specifically targeted to white people?

This article is a nice list of racial justice action items. There’s something for everyone here – whether you prefer to act solo from your home by making calls and writing emails, getting involved with a group, or by making more intentional decisions around the information you consume and the money you spend.

The article (and my post, originally) is titled “75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice”. After I published this post, I thought, wait a minute, why is this a list only for white people? Everyone can do these things – there are likely a lot of folks out there who do not identify as white who are also feeling stuck in terms of what they can do for racial justice, and they would benefit from this list, too.

Maybe including the “white” modifier in these types of articles can be counter-productive for some – I get the intent, for sure, but its something to think about given that there are enough things already that are specifically for white people.

Anyway, this post is a departure from my usual web development oriented content. In the future, there will likely be more like it since I specifically created a category for Antiracism.

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Free Thought Community who shared the article with the great action items in an email, and thanks to my mom, for forwarding me that email.

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