I’m talking at WordCamps

That’s right, WordCamps…plural! I will be presenting at both the New York City and Montreal WordCamps in August. And what will I be talking about? Read on, my friend.


Freelancing: Real Talk (NYC, August 2-3)


How much do you charge? How do you price? How long does it take you to make a custom site? What do your proposals look like? And the impostor syndrome… you too?! These topics have been in a black box for too long – let’s open it up and share what we do. This session is a panel of 3-4 full time freelancers who will be completely transparent about their businesses. We’ll hit on a few topics, then open it up for Q&A.

My motive:

Freelancing is friggin’ hard. Recently there has been a wonderful trend in transparency around freelance practices, and I want to contribute! I was thinking about just presenting my own practice, but I’ve realized how important it is to not be glued to any specific process – it varies so much from client to client, and freelancer to freelancer (even though I don’t like that word). So, why not get a few other voices in there? My fellow panelists will be Tricia Okin, Melissa Hsiung, and Ben Freda.


Sassy WordPress (Montreal, August 16-17)


You’ve been meaning to start using Sass in your projects, right? But it looks hard…is it really worth figuring out? Yes, yes it is! In this talk, we will cover Sass basics like structuring projects, mixins, variables, and using extensions like Bourbon and Compass. We will then go over how to start using Sass in your own themes as well as touch on a few Sass-ready starter themes.

My motive:

I wanted to present a more technical topic for this one. And Sass is the bee’s knee’s. But…even though there is such a great community around Sass, there is a pretty high barrier to entry with its command line-y nature. I’ve talked to a few fellow WordPress developers who haven’t made the jump yet – and I say, why the hell not?! This talk is aimed at convincing those folks to spend a weekend and change their ways.

Anyhow, if you are at one or both of the above, come say hi! And Montreal lodging and meal recommendations welcome.